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the Futuristic World of “©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX”:


Star Date: 02/01/2501, in the Futuristic World of “©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX”:


Imagine a world that has been continually evolving into a New Scientific metropolis of Technological Advancement and a Policing Department and Law Enforcement System that had/has to evolve with such a City and Such a World.


Flash back into time, during 2015, When Mayor ©M.D. and Police Chief, ©J.C., had to make some very Innovative Decisions of where the Future of Protecting the Fast-growing City metropolis needed to go forward in order to keep pace with Technologies and evilness and criminals, even Cyber-Criminals and more and more sophisticated evil-doers.


The Mayor and Chief had a meeting with NEW, EXCITING Company called ©HUMAN CYBERNETIC FUTURES, Inter-Terrestrial. THE “©D.E.E.L.” was done!

LIST of Important Terms and Organizational facts:


*©HUMAN CYBERNETIC FUTURES, Inter-Terrestrial = The Most Powerful and largest Earthly Conglomerate Creators of Futuristic Cybernetic-Humanistic Organisms & Researchers of Interstellar and Terrestrial Beings.

*©S.C.E.E.T.O.’S = Synthetic Cybernetic Electronic Energy Terrestrial Organisms (they are even more than life like)

*©Detroit Metropolis SKY-Port (©D.M.S.P.) (Pronounced “DEMPS”)

* ©U.P.A. = Universal Planetary Alliance = the governing body over Planets within the Alliance, each with an Alliance member who was elected by their Planet as their Global Leader.

* ©S.K.E.L.E.T.O. Suits = Very, Very Specialized Synthetic Exeo-Skeletal type body armored protective Suits that make Incredible Enhancements to anyone wearing them.

Cast of Stars and Characters:


* ©Mayor M.A.D. = The Well Known Mayor of ©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX

* ©Chief J.A.C. = The Globally acclaimed Chief of Law Enforcement of ©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX

* ©Strategic Law Enforcement Alliance; (©S.L.E.A.) (Pronounced like Sleigh, or slay)

* ©Prime President B.O.4 = The Globally Elected Leader of the ©United Federation of Nations. (©U.F.N.)

* ©Oscar Monteko = The Global Directing Officer (©G.D.O.) of ©HUMAN CYBERNETIC FUTURES, Inter-Terrestrial

* ©D.A.G. = Wealthy Detroit Business Founder/Chairman/CEO

* ©M.W.I. = Wealthy Detroit Business Owner


CHAPTER ONE (1)     Sealing the ©D.E.E.L.!



02/01/2501: Seated at the City of Detroit Citizens Protection Initiative Meeting are: Mayor “M.A.D.”, Chief “J.A.C.”, ©Oscar Monteko, Several High level Assistant Chiefs of Law Enforcement in Detroit, and  from the Citizens Review Board,  ©D.A.G., and ©M.W.I.

Speaking to, and addressing the meeting is; ©Oscar Monteko the Global Directing Officer (©G.D.O.) of ©HUMAN CYBERNETIC FUTURES, Inter-Terrestrial: “OK, ladies and gentlemen; it is time to Make the decision of how to protect and serve the citizens of ©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX, and the international borders of this country, and the Interstellar orbital perimeters of this planet.” “People, as you all have been cleared for the highest security Level of this Planet and the Universe, the events of this meeting had better be taken completely as “CONFIDENTIAL”, and you have your “Briefs” in front of you.” “IF, you have ever heard of the myths about the long ago centuries ago rumored “Area 51”, and “ROSWELL, New Mexico”, I am here today to put “TRUTH” to all those rumors and myths.”


Starting a ©Video Probe (A handheld very small device, which could be dialed to project a movie, a Film, a Presentation Video, or sync with a linked computer to showcase whatever the presenter wanted to meld his mind to show); ©Oscar Monteko, gave the people seated in that conference room a historical, summarization of how his ancestors had contracted with the past Governments to work with the Alien DNA, and some very Innovative “©L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. Technologies” and develop the Ultimate “SUPER COPS” .


After the 1 hour ©Video Probe, ©Oscar Monteko, speaks again; “I know what You have just witnessed and seen, has “Blown YOUR Minds!” “The criminals, and evil-doers, have gotten more and more powerful, and technologically sophisticated over the past centuries, and it is ours, and the leadership of  ©Prime President B.O.4; The Globally Elected Leader of the ©United Federation of Nations. (©U.F.N.), and the “Universal Planetary Alliance”; well people, it is our duties to “step-UP” and grow to the levels of our criminal and evil elements.” “I have taken the liberty to ask some very “special Guests” to join us, and you all had better take a few deep breaths, and what you will witness, now should help you all sign and seal the “©D.E.E.L.”


And with that moment, within his wrist communicator, he whispered, “OK, Yawl; please come into our “Time and Space”, and show yourselves to this meeting group.”

     At that instant, these “Super Heroics” began appearing within seconds of each other surrounding the room: ©TIME TRRACKER, ©L.A.Z.E.R.U.S., ©The Spirit OF JUSTICE (©S.O.J. Or ©T.S.J.), ©G.I.N.E.S.E.S., ©S.a.r.l.e.e.n.a., ©DR. S.O.L., ©the Warrior, ©THE V.O.O.I.C.E., ©The Quantum S.I.B.O.R.G., and  ©A.S.H.A.N.T.A.E.  (pronounced “a  shon   taa”), aka ©the Black Angel, and ©#87 (Number Eighty-Seven)



There were “Buckling EYES”, and OOHS and AAHHS, from the people around the room, and expressions that cannot be explained.


A Sly smile, came across the face of ©Oscar Monteko, he stated “Ladies AND gentlemen, these are a few of our “Friends” from different and varying pasts and futures!” “WE are very, very glad; They are “ON the sides” of GOOD, Righteous, and Justice!” “ and WE, can and will utilize Them, and more to fight against the Sci-FI/futuristic evildoers, of this and other Cities,  Planets, Realms, and Universes.”

After a brief, introduction of each “super hero” to the group within the meeting, and a brief explanation of their Powers and Super Powers, a Unanimous round of fingers could be seen “Sealing the ©D.E.E.L.” cyber-electronically into the System and onto the electronic Brief dotted line…


©Oscar Monteko, “Thanks, ladies and gentlemen!” “I will inform the ©Prime President, B.O.4 that; ©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX

Is now “ON BOARD” and that Integration and implementation into the interstellar grid, will take place immediately, and  this City can now be counted upon as one of the “shining Stars” of our Universe and Solar System’s protective Forces Cities.”