©K.E.I.-W.H.E.L.L. _A___Futuristic Enemy Villain of #87/B-87


_A___Futuristic Enemy Villain of #87/B-87 _____________________
K.= Kelvin-ated
E.= electrified
I.= Intelligence

Also known as:
K.= Killer to
E.=Ensure that
I.=Individuals are on their
W.=Way to

©K.E.I.-W.H.E.L.L., (pronounced key well); is a futuristic Creature who was named, because the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases, means he came from outside of this world. He was created by usage of THE KELVIN as the primary unit of measurement for his extreme temperatures. The Kelvin scale is an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale. The photosphere of the SUN for instance, has an effective temperature of 5778 K; (Kelvin), so ©K.E.I.-W.H.E.L.L. Has an electronic thermal temperature, that is as of the surface of the SUN. HE is demonic in nature, and does not seem to have, or ever had a Soul. His whole purpose seems to be, the pleasure of stealing Souls, and taking them by means of his extreme temperatures, whether that be extreme cold or extreme heat and fire, does not emit any emotion at all from him. He simply enjoys the taking of them (Souls) just the same.

But, He can ONLY take the Souls, IF, he can get the keepers of each Soul to Agree to his homage of gifts, 1st. He walks and talks as a Humanistic being, until he retrieves a “Yes” response from his intended victims, which upon receiving that “Yes” answer, he “Marks” the Victims for later “Collection” of their Soul. He can “CALL-DUE” the “NOTE” any time he decided to, whenever that Keeper of
the Soul, Chooses to either “renege on the Note”, or he needs more energy for his survival.
BUT, just as his collection of Souls helps strengthen him, so also does it weaken him, when and IF someone that he seeks, ignores him or escapes his tricks.
He utilizes all kinds of luxury, Lies, Deceptions, money, riches, Glitz and Glamor, Sex, Lust, anything that he can to “Seal the Deal”

He may NOT be the Devil, But he is the next evil thing, as a Demonic worked and “Soul-Snatcher” for The EVIL one!

He can “Mimic” many of the Abilities of #87, yet, His “Mimics” are Illusion-ary, and can be Dispelled away, with Goodness, kindness, Courage, Mercy, Grace, Love, Truth, Positive Character, Spiritual Conviction to The Higher Creator’s Book of Life.