The ©Fire Brigade®

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The ©Fire Brigade® is COMING!
Each year, Hundreds/Thousands of Lives are Lost to Needless Fires. Families are
Devastated, Homes are destroyed, and Yet, THIS VIDEO Gamming Concept Booklet
CAN/WILL Help Save Countless Numbers, of these Blessed, Graceful LIVES, IF ONLY
Parents will allow Their Children to “Read it”, “Practice it”, and Eventually “Play-it”;
Then “Enjoy IT” themselves, along with Their Children. It breaks my heart, When I
watch, hear, see about These DEATHS, which I Know 100%, This Game Concept
Booklet Can/WILL help prevent.
WOWWW, If They’re Gonna Play Games anyway, WHY not have Some That Teach,
Train, Entertain, Educate, and SAVE!
It is a ©Reecenetrics video gaming concept; a fun & educational way of teaching
Families, especially children, how to escape burning situations. It saves lives, and
prepares the basic rules of Fire Death prevention by training with Video Gaming
©Reecenetrics is a production of THE REECE ENTERPRISES Brands of copyrighted
products designed for ®The Family Media Company, to teach and train, and yet be fun,
educational, and entertaining.
The Information in this Booklet may NOT be copied, reproduced, distributed, or
otherwise used for commercial purposes, without the express written permission of the
REECE Enterprises/Time Travel Network, Inc./Family Media Company, specifically
with written approval by the President, Vice President, or CFO of the RE/TTN/FMC
Original: Copyrighted in 1992 ©REECENETRICS #523 784 ©Fire Brigade