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PLEY; Toys and games Rentals for Children Nationally     LET the CHILDREN PLEY

The coolest toys without the

  • expense
  • clutter
  • waste

Your toy library from $19.99/month


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TDM COMICS LOGO Clothing Stuff Discounts


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YOUTUBE: ®Reece Enterprises / ®Time Travel Network, Inc. / ®Family Media Comp

Make sure to visit all of our web sites; and YouTUBE Video Slides: INDY PLANET (PEOPLE can BUY) ON AMAZON (PEOPLE CAN BUY) Thanks, for accepting me as your new friend. I am Honored to be Your Friend: we “HONOR” WOMEN & MOMS, and MILITARY Females with our NEW, EXCITING “G.i.J.i.M.O.M.” Series: http:/...

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Some Specials from TDM COMICS Branded Apparel Store

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the Futuristic World of “©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX”:


Star Date: 02/01/2501, in the Futuristic World of “©DETROIT FUTUREPLEX”:

Imagine a world that has been continually evolving into a New Scientific metropolis of Technological Advancement and a Policing Department and Law Enforcement System that had/has to evolve with such a City and Such a World.

Flash back into time, during 2015, When Mayor ©M.D. and Police Chief, ©J.C., had to make some very Innovative Decisions of where the Future of Protecting the Fast-growing City metropolis needed to go forward in order to keep pace with Technologies and evilness and criminals, even Cyber-Criminals and more and more sophisticated evil-doers.

The Mayor and Chief had a meeting with NEW, EXCITING Company called ©HUMAN CYBERNETIC FUTURES, Inter-Terrestrial. THE “©D.E.E.L.” was done!


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