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The Family Media-TDM Comics International Store

Coming Soon: Official ©G.i.J.i.M.O.M. Clothing Lines and Apparel; (Pre-register for receiving the Store Items complete catalog, Email: warrior_75210@yahoo.com, with “Pre-Register-G.i.J.i.M.O.M.” in Subject!

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©G.i.J.i.M.O.M. 1st “T.E.A.M.” Force Women’s Hooded SweatShirt

Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt


  • red
  • white
  • black
$ 34.90

©G.i.J.i.M.O.M. 1st “T.E.A.M.” Force Women’s V-Neck Hoodie

Women’s V-Neck Hoodie


  • white
$ 28.27

©G.i.J.i.M.O.M. 1st “T.E.A.M.” Force Women’s Zipper Hoodie

Women’s Zipper Hoodie


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Announcing Our NEW Outstanding FILM Production Partnership!

This is Outstanding! For us, at the Family Media Company/TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL, “inking” our Partnership agreement with DOMINO EFFECT PRODUCTIONS, give us a giant leap forward into our plans for releasing our current & future “brands” on the Big Screen, on animated series platforms, and as advertising plans jump forward. http://www.dominoeffectproductions.com/

WE sincerely Thank Mr. and Mrs Marcus Small, of DOMINO EFFECT PRODUCTIONS, for seeing and understanding our visions and missions, and making their decisions to “Partner” with us.

Terry & Julia Reece
Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior”
Reece Enterprises/Time Travel Network, Inc./Family Media Company
Author of The Closet Cove & The L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project
CEO of International Business M...

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