©B.Y.W.I.L.L.O.M.E.N.T.I.C. IS ©B-87, and ©#87 (Number Eighty-Seven)

©B.Y.W.I.L.L.O.M.E.N.T.I.C.  (Pronounced BY-Will-O-Men-tick) Stands for:
Byron Williams Our Mentor, ©B-87   and ©#87 (Number Eighty-Seven)
 Y.= Young People’s
   W.=World Wide
The Oxygenating and Liquifying Capabilities, along with the Electrifying Nano-Microscopic Technologies. And Those coupled with His Abilities to “Re-structure” as “BIG” and Throw And Project Energy-Electrified  Footballs Blasts at His Enemies, Give This Character some unique Super powers, INDEED!..

I wanted to add the Oxygenating and Metallic and Nano-Microscopic elements that give the Character #1 Oxygenating abilities..(The ability to Create Oxygen particles, so that If faced with zero Oxygen situations, this Character’s DNA Structure will generate the Oxygen particles and generate a Breathable area of his surroundings for about several yards of protection for anyone within the areas around him.) #2 The Metallic and Nano-Microscopic elements make up his EXO-Skeletal Outer Body, whenever he changes from his “Mentoring” normal self, into His Super Heroic Status.
©B-87, is: ©B.Y.W.I.L.L.O.M.E.N.T.I.C. Is also ©#87, aka ©Number Eighty Seven

©COPYRIGHT September 25, 2012 TERRY ALLEN REECE, AKA “the Warrior” and Karoderick J. Reece
©B.Y.W.I.L.L.O.M.E.N.T.I.C., aka #87 (Number Eighty-Seven), also know as ©B-87; is A PRODUCT BRAND OF ©REECENETRICS™ BY ®REECE ENTERPRISES/TIME TRAVEL NETWORK, INC./FAMILY MEDIA COMPANY/TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL, and Jointly owned by All Participating Character Pro-Filer Partner(s), who is Byrom K. Williams: #TX7-391-838, PREVIOUS REGISTRATION AND YEAR: Txu000523784 1992.

Number Eighty-Seven

The development of this Unique Super Hero is envisioned with Spiritual inspiration from Our Heavenly Father.

Within the Biblical Numerology importance of The Spiritual Realms of order, we take great pride, humility and love in utilizing the very specialized numbers of ©#87.

#8:, Eight; the Number Eight: represents New beginnings, with the Resurrection of Christ on the eighth day. Hebrew boys circumcised on the eighth day (Genesis 17:12) and eight covenants made between GOD and Abraham. It is the number specifically associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, and the beginning of a new era or order.

#7:, Seven; Seven represents perfection and completion. GOD rested on the seventh day after creating the world (Genesis 2:2) and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are cited in Isaiah 11:1. the seven colors of the rainbow were a sign of GOD’S covenant with Noah.


Number Eighty-Seven

This new, Exciting Super Hero shall exhibit the outstanding Super Powers of:

*1. He can grow “BIG”, aka “Re-Structure”, or Re-generate himself, like a Giant; in fact he can grow anywhere from 7—87 (Seven up to Eighty-Seven) feet “BIG”.

*2. He can run fast, super fast; up to speeds of 870 mph. Faster than the speed of Sound. The speed of sound is the distance traveled during a unit of time by a sound wave propagating through an elastic medium. In dry air at 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This is 1,236 kilometres per hour (768 mph), or about one kilometer in three seconds or approximately one mile in five seconds.

*3. He can Hurl or Throw Solar-Blasting, exploding Energy Footballs at his opponents, generated from his own Solar-restructured hands of his Super Body.-

*4. When he ‘Restructures to his SUPER Heroic Self, He alters his body to become an indestructible, nondestructive EX-O-Skeletal Body within a Football Uniformed ©#87 featured UNI-BODY.
we decided to add a couple of Most Powerful Super Powerful weapons to #87, aka B-87: IF, As #87 battles against these villains, and evil-doers, some of them even demonic forces, There is a chance that some of his adversaries, are likely to be able to match his abilities, to a point, where we wanted to give #87 something never before really done;  ***

1st.: as weapons of last resort, the #7 itself can literally be removed, aka separated from his Chest, and that becomes a ©Kinetic Energy-Lazar Rope, which does 2 things, that has the Powers of Ultimate Persuasion, and Immobilization. (Whoever #87 utilizes this weapon on, Must tell the Truth, because the weapon reads their mentalities, past, present, and future) AND (IT controls their Kinetic Energy, and can either Completely Immobilize them, or make them move, wherever #87 wants them to go/be)
The kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion.[1] It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. The same amount of work is done by the body in decelerating from its current speed to a state of rest.
In classical mechanics, the kinetic energy of a non-rotating object of mass m traveling at a speed v is ½ mv². In relativistic mechanics, this is only a good approximation when v is much less than the speed of light.

  #2. The 2nd Super Power, is the #8 can be removed and becomes a Genealogy-Dimensional Imprisonment. The #8 resembles a Track, shaped like the figure 8, and it keeps the villains permanently imprisoned in an Alternate Dimensional Figure #8 Prison. Why can’t they escape? The Starting and Returning points always lead back to it’s center where the Figure 8 begins and ends. This is a Genealogical Alter Dimensional Prison, which scrambles the villains’ DNA in constant genealogical figure 8 flux.  

IT may Not be the same as Sending them to Hell, but in the Scientific & Spiritual Alter Realms, IT may as well be!

B-87, #87 ONLY utilizes these 2 Weapons, as a last result, and the #8, aka
©The 8th Dimension (What we call the weapon) is the very last result weapon…

©The Immobilizer-7 (Is what we call the #7 ©Kinetic Energy-Lazar Rope)