The (“ITJ”) International T.E.A.M. of Justice

Throughout the history of the world, there has always been evil doers, mad men, monsters, and demons. Yet, now comes a “T.E.A.M.” of Super Heroes who have agreed to form a world wide crime and evil fighting organization to help keep the citizens and people of nations safe from all sorts of dastardly doings of the dark forces. Although each member of this T.E.A.M. has their own individual worldly and world regional series of responsibility, they have commonly concluded that together, they can help keep men kind safe from those who would do bad and evil things at will.

The Leader of the ITJ T.E.A.M.: L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. & G.I.N.E.S.E.S.

This Group of Super Heroes is called: The International “T.E.A.M.” of Justice; The “ITJ”.

The “©Greene Chopling-Axesis” Yes, He is a Member of the Goblin Race, And He Wields the “©AXE of Slicesis” …The “©AXE of Slicesis” was conceived May Centuries ago, by A Renegade Goblin-Warlock, who formed it from the Ancient Steele of ©Molteplexon, the Major Steele of that time, and Then the Warlock-Goblin Gave the “©AXE of SLICESIS” magical/ Super-Sonic Speed and Then he Charged it with Mystical-Electrical Lightening from the Evil Gods, of “©Cloudos” The ©Choplingaxesis is Not always Evil, though, As IF, he can be Separated from the “©AXE of Slicesis for 24 hours, it allows his DNA to stabilize, and Although he retains His Superior Martial Arts Skills, Super human Skin, and Power Speed and Agilities, along with other Super Powers, The Control of the “©AXE of Slicesis diminishes, and The “©AXE of Slicesis then awaits its Next willing Partner, to pick it up and become its easy controlled devil. You see, Johanas Graham Greene, was Not always controlled by the “©AXE of Slicesis. He was a peaceful, meek, honest farm Family teenager, who stumbled upon “©AXE of Slicesis, while exploring the Mountains of Pulmar of his Country. When he picked it up, That “©AXE of Slicesis has a piercing prick that pokes into the DNA of its carrier, and then takes over the DNA of that person, and Changes that individual to do it’s Bidding. ©Greene Chopling-Axesis can be “GOOD”; SOMETIMES!

©Ziekel the Profetix: ©Ziekel is a GOD-LIKE Super Hero who received his Anointment of powers from Above, The Source of those powers is  Supernaturally hidden within the Powerful ©Staff-Rod, Which He Carries with Him wherever he goes. ©Ziekel Travels throughout Time, and Renders his Positive or negative verdicts upon Evil-Doers, and Good Doers, Alike. The ©Staff-Rod must Not be more than several Nautical Miles away from ©Ziekel, or His Powers will begin to Fade, and he will become a mortal man, who can then live or die, or feel pain, and anger, and other human characteristics. His ©Staff-Rod can be Set to certain different times for destruction, But It Can ONLY be De-Activated, or Stopped, of Its Ultimate Punishment of the evil-doers, IF it truly senses they are truthful in their Wish to “REPENT”, and They MUST Speak the WORDS “YES, I REPENT, Forgive me GOD”, before the Death Strike period ends

©Carlix  Micronoss: ©Carlix Micronoss is a  ©Zormonuss Being who came from the Planet Zormonuss, in the ©Zierean Galaxy. The ©Zierean Galaxy underwent Major Disastrous Interstellar Changes, before the 19th Century, and Some Creatures received Powers that enabled them to “Microbe” themselves into nano particles, or Giants of Most powerful Sizes. ©Carlix Micronoss also, was an Even More Separate Powerful Being, as He also received the Powers of Basically Creating any Deadly Disease, one could ever Think of, and Then ©Carlix Micronoss can invade anyone’s Body, as The “NANO-MOCROB” and Quickly Accelerate their demise. We are gonna have a lot of Fun with ©Carlix Micronoss, because he can shrink to become a Nano-Microbe, or Grow as Big as We want him to, so he can expand his ‘Nano-Microb” self to explode an evil doer from the inside outwards..MANNN that will HURT, HUH? LOL

reecekaroderick: Yeah, its a transformation scene from his human form to his particlized state

reecekaroderick is typing a message.

reecekaroderick: Heck yeah it’ll hurt

©ZEEWAN SIRGOVERN: He is from Planet ©Zirkon Mixium, where Many Warlocks and Witches 1st took Space-Time Flights to realms of the Earth, many Years ago to Torment men & Women with the wrong uses of such powers. ©ZEEWAN SIRGOVERN utilizes “©Magic of the GOOD”, as He Strives to Always GOVERN or Lead by example, instead of talking anyone to death, which He truly can do. HE Can Chant Words of DEATH, if he prefers, that will Destroy, within minutes, But Always leaves time for “Repentance”, for any potential victim, before destruction. He Loves to “GOVERN”!


Developed from the astute research Climate Scientist T.E.A.M. Called ©S.H.A.Z.A.M., Roderick Rod McKnight, was an accident waiting to happen. His Total package of Super Powers are “unknown”. But, we do know that he travels across nations as a moving and twirling TORNADO. He travels at Altitudes usually above the clouds, so that he does not cause unwanted damages to regular citizens. He utilizes water ways, and oceans sometimes, and becomes the ©HURIKARZADDO, with the force OF MANY HURICANES. HE CAN ALSO HARNESS THE POWERS OF THE SUN; TO BECOME ©SOLARKARZADDO. HIS SOLARKARZADD SELF, CAN PULVARIZE PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ON EARTH, SO HE IS SWORN TO ONLY UTILIZE THE SOLARKARZADD POWERS, WHEN ONLY ABSOLUTELY IT IS THE LAST STRAW, AGAINST EVIL FORCES.